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Soft Washing the Roofs of Fort Worth

Soft washing

If you've been doing your research into roof cleaning your Fort Worth rooftop, you may have come across an unfamiliar term: "soft washing". You may ask yourself "What is soft washing?" Going on the name alone, soft washing can seem like a bizarre concept. How could one expect a surface to be truly clean with a name like "soft washing"? Soft washing is only "soft" relative to standard pressure washing. When comparing the two, you'll notice soft washing uses a much lower PSI (pounds per square inch) than standard pressure washing would. Soft washing is the safest and most effective way to clean more delicate exterior surfaces, such as your roof. When we perform roof cleaning service, you'll get an exceptional clean and there will be no damage to your roof!

Our pressure washing professionals at Burleson Power Washing are happy to clarify a few key differences between soft washing and pressure washing. To make a more informed decision as a consumer. In order to explain the benefits of soft washing your roof, let's start by defining soft washing and explaining the differences between soft washing and pressure washing!

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Soft washing is an exterior cleaning tIt'snique that differs from standard pressure washing. It's used by our professionals most frequently when we do a roof cleaning service, but we also use soft washing for house washing and gutter cleaning too. All exterior surfaces are not created equally, and we use different cleaning techniques depending on the surface we're working with. For example, concrete is a super sturdy building material and it can handle any cleaning method without much worry about damage. The roof of your home however is a much more delicate surface and requires a little more finesse to properly clean or you could risk damaging the surface.

Soft washing is completely safe to use on any and all of your exterior surfaces, so there's no need to worry about the structural integrity of your shingles, vinyl siding, glass, or other delicate outdoor surfaces. In conjunction with the water pressure, we use a higher concentration of environmentally friendly cleaning detergents to rid your roof of algae and inhibit further growth

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing: What's the Difference?

Soft washing is pressure washing, it's just a different technique. Soft washing uses a lower PSI than a standard pressure washing, with a pressure set at around 500 PSI. While that may seem like a lot of pressure, it's much more gentle in comparison to the 3,000 PSI used to clean your driveway. Along with lower water pressure, soft washing also uses a larger amount of eco-friendly cleaning detergents to make sure your more delicate surfaces receive a thorough, sparkly clean.


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