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Pressure Washing Driveway in Fort Worth, TX

Pressure Washing Driveway in Fort Worth, TX

Pressure washing your driveway is more complicated than just using a pressure washer. You have to use the correct chemical at the correct ratio. This is because the pressure washer only removes the surface dirt. The issue is deep in the concrete where all of the mold, algae and stains live.

First, we use a leaf blower to remove all of the dirt. Then we chemically treat the concrete. This mixture goes deep and kills the problems at the source! We let the chemical dwell for about 15-20 minutes so everything living dies. Then we pressure wash the area. This is how we get bright white results. (See pictures). Depending on your needs, we might do a post-treatment. After everything is cleaned we apply the mixture again and let it dry. After the mixture decays, there will be salt crystals living in the concrete. The salt prevents future organic growth giving you a long-lasting clean.

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Budget: $250

Location: Fort Worth, TX

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